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41-year-old man hacks to death kin in Vihiga

Detectives are in hot pursuit of a 41-year-old man who hacked to death his kin in Emasaba location, Vihiga County over sibling rivalry.

The deceased is reported to have been attacked by a machete sustaining deep head and arm cuts before they were separated by their father.

The January 13th incident saw the victim rushed to the hospital for treatment before he succumbed to the injuries.

“Detectives based in Luanda are in pursuit of a 41-year-old man who killed his kin in Vihiga’s Emasaba location following a sibling rivalry.

Armed with a machete, the suspect is reported to have inflicted deep head and arm cuts on his 39-year-old brother, before their father intervened and separated them.

The incident which happened on January 13 saw the victim taken to a local hospital for treatment, but succumbed today after being discharged. The suspect identified as Martin Nandi has since run into hiding but is being sought.” Said DCI

The news comes a day after two people were arrested for stealing a Toyota Land Cruiser in Kitui County.

Shadrack Mbuta and Stephen Mutiso were caught up by the detectives in Emali before they were taken in for processing pending facing the law.

“Two suspects reported to have stolen a Toyota Land Cruiser in Kitui on Tuesday, January 12 were yesterday evening arrested and the said vehicle recovered following a hot chase on them by detectives.

Having sneaked out of the county on board the cruiser, the two, Shadrack Mbuta (driver at a construction company) and Stephen Mutiso were caught up with several kilometres to Emali, Makueni County. Both placed in custody pending arraignment.” Said DCI

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