51-year-old stabbed to death in Eastleigh over water supply

Police have launched a manhunt for a suspend behind the death of a 51-year-old following an argument over water supply in Eastleigh.

“Detectives based at DCI Starehe have launched a manhunt for a suspect who attacked a 51-year-old man and killed him on the spot, over an argument on supplying water at an Eastleigh apartment,” said DCI

The suspect identified as Issa is reported to have gone into hiding immediately after the incident after a group of water vendors attacked the deceased and his son who had been contracted by a client to supply water in the area.

“The suspect only identified as Issa went into hiding immediately after killing Abdifatah Hassan Barre using a Somali sword. According to the deceased’s son Mohamud Abdifatah Hassan, his father had been asked by a client to supply water using his water bowser, at an establishment near Almin Hospital in Eastleigh.

But upon arrival, father and son were confronted by a group of business rivals who claimed that the duo had invaded their water vending ‘territory.’ A bitter exchange of words ensued before the suspect reached for a Somali sword and in one powerful thrust, struck the deceased on the left side of his chest killing him instantly.

The suspect then fled the scene to an unknown destination. Efforts to save the man’s life by rushing him to nearby Almin Hospital were fruitless, as he was confirmed to have succumbed to the injury. Detectives are following crucial leads on the whereabouts of the suspect and make him answer to his crimes, ” said DCI

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