5G network: Huawei in discussion with US firms to license the platform

Chinese giants Huawei is currently in talks with top US telecom firms to have their 5G network licensed.

Confirming the details was Huawei senior vice president Vincent Pang who said they are indeed in talks with some US firms to license their technology.

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Pang also confirmed that some of the firms have shown interest in the 5G network while others propose a single transfer deal.

He, however, remained adamant to mention the names of the firms in discussions with.

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The news comes at a time when the Chine telecom giant is facing some serious trade barrier by the US government for allegedly spying on customers.

They also banned from purchasing spare parts from the US and if they want to then they will be required to get a license for it.

Criminal charges were also leveled against them in addition to breach of sanctions against Iran and bank fraud allegation that they denied.

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