A committee takes over Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Nairobi Women’s Hospital management has been taken over by a committee following the stepping down of Felix Wanjala.

Felix Wanjala who has been the CEO of the hospital stepped aside to pave way for investigation into malpractice.

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Nairobi Women’s Hospital has made headlines following expose by Kenyans who claim they have been doing all they can to achieve their financial obligations.

Some of the allegations include the introduction of sales targets to doctors and prescription of unnecessary tests.

The allegations prompted an internal audit that the CEO refuted even though he stepped aside for investigation.

Insurance firms suspended its services at the hospital until further notice.

Kenya Revenue Authority followed suit discouraging people from receiving treatment at the facility.

The committee will be tasked with conducting a thorough audit before making a submission to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council.

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