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Home News & Updates A vehicle plunges into a ditch at Kibarani, Mombasa

A vehicle plunges into a ditch at Kibarani, Mombasa

A car has on Sunday plunged into a ditch at Kibarani, Mombasa following an accident involving the said vehicle and a lorry.

The affected car is reported to have been hit from behind by the lorry before it was pushed into the ditch.

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Luckily, the driver of the vehicle managed to escape before it went down the water lodged area.

A crane was quickly brought in to remove the car as another vehicle was damaged badly on the under construction highway.

A lorry squeezed its body into the vehicle damaging it badly as a matatu followed suit as it was also hit from the side.

A huge traffic was being witnessed at the busy highway due to the string of accidents that was also contributed by an under repair road next to Makande stage.

A lorry hits a private car and a matatu at Kibarani, Mombasa County
A lorry hits a matatu and a personal vehicle at Kibarani, Mombasa County on Sunday 22nd December 2019

A lorry that was trying to come from a nearby yard found itself blocking a section of the road heading to town when it nearly overturned as the driver managed to escape unhurt.

Residents of Mombasa are praying for a quick solution into the numerous traffic snail ups and hope the highway being constructed will end their suffering.

During a normal working day, a serious traffic jam may cause a four hour delay with some forcing passengers to alight and walk to their places of work or home.

Heavy loaded lorries have been blamed as they occupy large sections of the road with some either breaking down midway or even ram into vehicle ahead or behind them.

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