Sunday, July 3, 2022

Afghanistan earthquake kills at least 255 people

At least 255 people are feared dead with more than 500 reported to have sustained injuries following an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 in Afghanistan.

The earthquake is said to have further crossed to Pakistan and India where more casualties are yet to be confirmed as reported by US Geological Survey (USGS).

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Abdul Wahid Rayan a reporter with a local news agency confirmed that the number of fatalities is expected to rise if the government fails to provide support. Humanitarian organizations have also been urged to step in and control the situation.

“The number of martyrs in Barmal, Ziruk, Naka and Gyan districts of Paktika province has risen to 255 and the number of martyrs has reached 155. Disadvantaged humanitarian organizations in the province should provide emergency assistance to the region.” Said Abdul

Bilal Karimi who is the deputy spokesperson of the Islamiz state called on an urgent action from aid agencies to prevent further loss of lives from the disaster.

“Unfortunately, last night there was a severe earthquake in four districts of Paktika province, which killed and injured hundreds of our countrymen and destroyed dozens of houses,”

“We call on aid agencies to provide immediate relief to the victims of the earthquake to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe,” Said Bilal

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