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Air India,Woman demands more wine on a plane

A 50 year old woman flying in the business class of Air India from Mumbai to Heathrow Airport in London has been arrested for ranting demanding more wine.

The woman whose nationality is not yet known could be seen from the video being calmed by the cabin Crew of Air India.

The two minute clip has been shared widely in India with many praising the Airline cabin crew for their calm response.

Addressing a cabin crew member, the woman shouts at the top of her voice saying that she is F** international lawyer and that she works for everyone even the Asian people. She continues by saying that she a criminal lawyer so why won’t they serve her more wine.

Some of the woman utterances were racial as she called for cabin crew to treat all people well in the plane.

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Still inside Air India, the woman addresses a female cabin crew member calling her stupid demanding that she be given a bottle of wine.

The whole event was shared by aviation journalist Tarun shukla captures the woman claiming that she also a “leader of the boycott movement” and that she will call for an immediate boycott of Air India.

At one point during her rants, she forgets where they are and asks where she is heading to before being informed that she is headed to Heathrow Airport.

Metropolitan police confirmed the incident saying that she was arrested on the suspicion of racially aggravated public order, common assault and being drunk.She is said to have been taken to a west London police station.

Air India is yet to comment on the incident.

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