Aisha Jumwa questions Governor Kingi’s track record in Kilifi

A political turf has begun in Kilifi as incumbent Malindi Member of Parliament(MP) Aisha Jumwa hit out at fellow Kenya Kwanza member and Governor Amason Kingi.

This follows a decision by the PAA party leader to field candidates in various political positions except that of the Presidency as revealed by the Governor himself.

The Governor continued by saying that as PAA they signed an agreement by Kenya Kwanza and not United Democratic Alliance(UDA) thus they will field their candidates in the various positions.

Speaking from UDA headquarters in Kilifi, Aisha Jumwa noted that the Governor was against the agreement signed between PAA and Kenya Kwanza coalition not to field any candidate.

She continued by confirming that PAA was notified during the agreement signing process that Kilifi will be under UDA the mother party under the Kenya Kwanza coalition thus leaders who will vie for the elective positions will come from UDA.

Jumwa ruled out any possibilities of Kilifi County undergoing zoning ahead of the elections as she unveiled UDA aspirants in the various posts in the county.

The Malindi MP denied Governor’s Kingi allegations that issues with land and the Port of Mombasa were brought forward by him something that Aisha Jumwa confirmed that they were already under the UDA manifesto if they form the next government.

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