Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Akothe to Silverstone Air, I hope you get peace

Singer Akothe has come out to the defense of Silverstone Air who has been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Taking on Facebook, Rolam singer apologized on behalf of the airline saying how sorry they are for any inconveniences caused.

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Akothe promised they are working on safety and tightening all loose ends following recent incidents that have rocked Silverstone Air.

“You know I am a mother and I care, I would not risk the life of those that I love, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. For our customers who have panicked Poleni Sanaa, we are on the ground working on your safety and tightening all loose ends ”

The mother of five gave an example of how she lost a friend of hers through a road accident when she was driving a V8.

“I just lost my friend on a road accident inside her own V8 after we spoke for over 2 hours.”

Her prayer is that everyone can see sense in everything that is happening and take every challenge as a lesson.

“I pray that we all see sense in everything happening and take every challenge as a lesson to make things bet.”

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Celine Wakesho
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