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Akothee disappointed by a single mother she has been supporting

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Akothee is a disappointed woman after a single mother she has been supporting fails to pick herself up after three months of support, home, garden with water and electricity.

Narrating the incident Akothee first says of how she still hustles even though she is a madam boss to show just how success needs.

She then proceeds to talk about a single mother, 42 she has been supporting together with her kids with an expectation that she will work hard to fetch for herself but instead what she does is to take the kids to school in the morning then goes back to bed.

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Akothee is seriously disappointed again when the mother of three who then calls her requesting for money after spending the whole day resting at home.

The president of single ladies has surely had enough and has decided to stop providing for the woman even though she feels sorry for the kids who have grown fond of her.

At the end of it all Akothee wonders why she is moving back to her parent’s house when she needs to take charge of her life.

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I am out here hustling yet I am madamboss , I gave a single mother an opportunity, gave her a home and garden with water and free electricity, supported her for 3 months expecting her to pick up in the 3rd month ! She is not one of my employees remember, coz she is as lazy as fuck! Trust me this woman wakes up , prepare her kids to go to school and and come back and sleep ??? she thought the support was forever valid , wait until money dint check in last month Her :”Mama nina lala njaa na watoto nifanyaje ? my answer Me :Pole mamangu sina ? na hata mimi pia nahangaika, Her : basi nitafunga mlango nirudi kwetu Me: Haya, funga mlango peana kifungu kwa eva, nakutumia elf kumi ubebe nayo vitu uonde kwenyu, salimia watoto Her : sawa mama ahsante mungu akubariki Me : kwaheri !!! What the hell is wrooooooooong This woman was homeless in the middle of Nairobi with 3 kids , she told me her husband almost killed her together with her children , and all she wanted was a roof over her head it doesn’t matter where ! So gave her financial support for 3 months as we wait for the farm products, only to realise She became my wife and I had to provide for her and her kids ???? my friend call polis, she is leaving this morning back to her parents at the age of 42 Women what’s wrong with you and your parents shit ! Cant you disengage and take charge of your lives ! What’s with pity party? I I feel sad coz her children are attached to me , they call me auntie ??????????

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