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Al Shabaab suspect shot dead in Kilifi County

An Al Shabaab suspect has been shot dead by a multiagency team in Ng’ombe in Kilifi County.

The Multiagency team who were acting on a tip from the public saw one of the police corporal shot during the incident but he currently receiving treatment.

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The Al Shabaab suspect who has been identified to be 30-years of age led to the recovery of an IED (Improvised explosive device) making materials and a loaded Glock pistol.

“A 30-yr-old AL-SHABAAB suspect was shot dead today in #Ngombeni area, Kwale County by a Multi-Agency Team acting on a tip-off from the Public.

During the shoot out, a Police Corporal was injured & currently receiving Treatment. A loaded Glock Pistol & IED making materials recovered.” Said DCI

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In other news, the DPP Noordin Hajji has denied having received a letter doing rounds on social media of a list of wanted Kenyans.

The letter which is dated 27th August purports to be from Interpol, issues a list of prominent government and former government officials believed to have been involved with Akasha’s family.

The list has however separated the alleged suspects into two groups namely those wanted for prosecution and those wanted for questioning.

“The DPP Noordin Haji has not received the following letter circulating on social media purported to have been written by Interpol containing a list of wanted Kenyans for adversely being mentioned in the Akashas’ drug case ”

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The Akasha brothers who are in the US have pleaded guilty to six counts of criminal conducts including the sale of illegal substances and possession of firearms illegally.

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