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Amber Lulu,Prezzo is good for nothing

Tanzania singer Amber Lulu has on Sunday made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Prezzo.

Explaining her cause of action, Amber Lulu says that she is tired of Prezzo’s habits and that he is a good for nothing person.

Amber Lulu continues by saying that one might be patient but I real sense she is wasting her time.

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“Sometimes mtu unachoka kwa tabia za mtu jaman kuna watu wanatabia ngumu sana me ctak kusikia from now kuusu huyu mtu tenaaaa. Good for nothing unaweza kusema unavumilia kumbe unapoteza muda” Said Amber Lulu

Slavian Mwangecho
Passionate blogger on a day to day activities happening in Kenya, Africa and around the world. A keen follower of the latest news making headlines around the world

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