Amina Abdi,people said I’ll never be on TV because my teeth are crooked

The Trend host Amina Abdi has shared some on the funny things that she has gone through while growing up with one of them being her teeth.

Amina Abdi recalls when she was young and people around her teased her about her teach that she thought of not smiling in the picture.

“Another fun fact to end the night: I never wanted to smile at all in pictures when I was younger because people used to tease me and my teeth.” Said Amina.

Another funny thing that Amina recalls is how funny she was told she would not be TV or speak publicly because her teeth were crooked.

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“Funny thing is, I was also told I’ll neither be on TV nor speak publicly because my teeth were crooked!” Said Amina.

At the end of the story, she advises people not to let anyone tell them that they cannot do anything but instead believe in themselves no matter what.

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