Anerlisa Muigai explains why she takes her pictures from the office desk

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has on Tuesday revealed why she usually takes her pictures while sitting on the company desk and not the chair.

Thanking her photographer, Anerlisa thanks a lady by the Margaret for taking 5 minutes of her time every day to take a picture of her.

“Ion: shout out to Margaret for always taking 5 mins of your time every day to take a picture of me. “ Says Arnelisa.

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The Nero Company Ltd boss then continues by explaining that the reason why she takes pictures from her desk and not her seat is that she wants to advertise everything from the company logo to the water brands.

“Most of you are always asking why I sit on my desk instead of my seat, well, this is because I capture everything from the company logo (NERO COMPANY LIMITED) to the water brands Executive still water and Life Still Water and also the lighting is good. Behind my seat is a plain window and we not trying to advertise windows, are we? “ Says Anerlisa.
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