Angry youth chase away Nakuru East MP from Kiamunyi polling station

Drama ensued on Monday morning after angry youths chased away Nakuru East MP David Gikaria from Kiamunyi polling station in Rongai Constituency.

The irate youths sought to understand his role at the polling station as they feared his presence would cause intimidation and was a major conflict of interest.

The Legislator David Gikaria was elected under United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and was appointed to monitor the elections at the polling station.

Speaking in the morning was the incumbent MP  Raymond Moi who cited intimidation from a number of elected leaders who are allegedly making rounds in his constituency causing fear.

He noted that IEBC was to allocate two agents at every polling station but that was not the case as some had surpassed the required minimum.

Moi continued by revealing that some of the elected leaders had obtained IEBC badges that refer to them as agents all in a bid to fight his re-election.

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