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Anita Nderu reveals her struggle with seizures

Former NTV panelist Anita Nderu has on Friday opened up about her struggle with seizures that she kept to herself for some time now.

In along emotional story on Instagram, Anita reveals how she has been struggling with seizures for seven months now.

She has so far suffered four of them with the second and the third one being so severe that she broke her arm in four pieces.

“I suffer from seizures occasionally. Started this year in January, had four so far. My 2nd and 3rd one were so hectic during that I shattered my right arms humerus into four pieces which were put back together using a titanium plate by a Surgeon called Dr. Awori. It’s been over a month now.” Said Anita.

The former panelist at the Trend NTV confirmed to have undergone several test but the doctors cannot figure out the cause of the seizures forcing her to live with it and meditate accordingly.

Her right arm is still recovering forcing her to conduct her daily duties using her left arm even though she is right handed.

“The tear in the stitches scar is because my 4th seizure (the first one where I was alone) was so bad it tore it but it is all healed now.

Already did all the tests necessary, they however cannot find a cause so I live with it now. Medicating daily and taking care of myself.

Still have not managed to resume normal arm function (I am right handed so my left hand has had to make up for all those years of free loading.”Said Anita.

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