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Apple iPad Pro criticized about its durability

Apple has released their new iPad Pro and its receiving heavy criticism for its low durability.

The new iPad Pro is termed as the weakest compared to other iPad’s released before and it can break easily by even sitting on it.

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Some experts decided to put the new iPad into some stress test and it was excellent when it came to scratch but when it came to a bend test, it came apart something that is not new as many users have complained in major forums.

One user noticed his Apple iPad slightly bent after keeping it in his backpack for a weak while traveling. Another user found his bent on opening the box even though the device can be swapped within a week after purchase.

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In what will be a regular storage for iPad’s, they will definitely be stored in backpacks and pockets thus a need to look at its durability issues right away.

Even though Apple do exchange for free, they have always been in the front row in releasing a foldable tablet.

What will remain annoying will be when a user find his new iPad bent even before he or she has used it.

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