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Atlanta rapper Young Thug released

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Atlanta rapper Young Thug was released on Wednesday 14th after being arrested for failing a mandatory drug test on November 8th.

Young Thug whose born name is Jeffery Williams who released on bond with the court directing that he should perform a drug test twice a week in addition to attending drug abuse counseling.

During his arrest the Atlanta rapper is said to have spent 48 hours without eating or eating as a form of punishment to himself.

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Speaking about Thug’s behavior his lawyer Brian Steel said that being in custody is traumatic and it took a toll on his client.

Young Thug addressing the court said that he has two sons aged 10 and 11 and that he does not want them to grow up thinking that going to jail is cool. He proceeded to admit that he has made mistakes in his life and has been penalized and that he is sorry for his behaviors.

Young Thugis facing multiple charges from September 2017 including procession of an illegal firearm when he was pulled over inside a Mercedes-Benz Maybach, possession of marijuana and $50,000 cash.

His lawyer is however optimistic that the truth will come out and that his client will be a cleared of his wrong doing.

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