Autopsy reveals lawyer Nyakundi’s son shot from outside the car

Lawyer Assa Nyakundi a suspect in the murder of his own son with the autopsy results being released by the government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

Even though the lawyer is in hospital, Assa Nyakundi is still a suspect with the initial results indicate that his son Joseph, 29 was shot from outside the rear back of the vehicle before ending his life.

Further investigation as revealed by the government pathologist, reveal that Mr. Joseph died from chest injuries from the gun that was shot at 90 degrees.

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Autopsy results and investigation findings contradict that of Mr. Assa Nyakundi who said that he shot his son accidentally once from the front seat of his car.

With the findings conclusive that a shot was fired, further investigations are to find out which hand was used by the lawyer for firing.

If the lawyer of which is right-handed prove that he used his left hand during the incident then it would prove it was accidental.

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