Avril’s request to have something deep to insert excites fans

Singer Avril has excited her fans when she requested them to insert something deep in one of her photos.

One of her fans by the name of daddie requested to know how deep she wanted before she can insert.

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“How deep do you want it Avie, how deep”

He again replies to his own comment sending others into laughter requesting himself posing as Avril requesting to know the depth first.

“I need to know the depth I need to insert into the caption! Watu waache kufikiria zoo.”

Others joined in the conversion admitting to having been stuck around the word deep not knowing what to say.

Shocked at the replies, the singer posted another photo admitting to having been surprised by the replies.

“Wauuuu ati how deep do I want the caption to be, as deep as you’d like it to be.”

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