Bandits attack in Tigania, Meru County claims six lives

Six people are feared dead in Tigania, Meru County with all the six being herders from the area as confirmed by the police.

Five of the six were found dead in the forest with gun shot wounds as one succumbed to the injuries sustained while receiving medical attention.

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It is reported that the attacks occurred when camel herders from Isiolo were responding to retaliatory attacks after they were kicked out of their farms on Wednesday.

The agitated residents of Meru raised an alarm that saw the police and area Chief stepping in and sending away the camel herders ending peace in the area.

The camel herders who are of Somalia decent are reported to have gone back to the Manyattas in the evening after the day’s confrontation shooting anyone they came across.

Tigania residents are noe demanding for justice as they called on the government to disarm their neighbours or else arm them too for protection purpose.

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Berryl Achieng
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