Sunday, July 25, 2021

Barcelona board disagrees with the application of VAR

The board at Barcelona has expressed confidence in the use of VAR but they expressed their disagreement in its application.

They were speaking as they noted how some of the decisions have benefited their direct opponents.

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“The Board reiterates its confidence in VAR as a technology to assist referees with their work but, at the same time, expresses its absolute disagreement with regard to the criteria used for its application and interpretation in recent months.

The Board considers that, in the cases of identical or very similar game situations, VAR has not upheld the essential criteria of ethics and fairness, which has had a serious negative impact on FC Barcelona and has benefitted its most direct opponents.” Said Barcelona.

Also passed by the board was the 2020/21 budget that comprises of 828 million euros in operating income and 796 million euros in operating expresses which is less than that of the previous season.

“The Board has approved a 2020/21 budget that presents operating income of 828 million euros (28 million less than the real amount for the previous season) and operating expenses of 796 million (160 less than the real amount for the previous season).” Said Barcelona.

Alex Kiprop
News Moto sports correspondent. Catch up the latest results when they happen and as they happen, locally and international

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