Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BasiGo launches first electric passenger bus in the country

Kenyan early-stage electric mobility startup BasiGo has launched the first electric passenger bus in the country.

The company is in the process of undertaking a pilot phase program meant to demonstrate how the concept will work in the country.

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Alredy the firm has picked Citi Hoppa and Eastland Eagles companies as partners in the project set to test the busses in two routes namely CBD to JKIA and City Stadium.

“We’re excited to witness the start of a brighter, cleaner, 100% electric future for transit in Kenya!” Said BasiGo

“Citi Hoppa and Eastland Eagles are the pilot partners for this project. The buses will be plying the CBD to JKIA and City Stadium to Dandora route” Said KPLC

Speaking during the launch was BasiGo Head of Business Development Sam Kamunya who noted that the bus can run the whole day on full charge and charge at night when the power grid is not busy.

Customers using the bus will also be able to access a portal where they will see the bus location and electric charge of the bus.

Kenya Power and Lightening Company (KPLC) who have partnered with company has installed charging stations for the busses with 2991 MW to be provided on peak and 1200 MW during off-peak hours.

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