Home World News Birmingham stabbings cause several injuries

Birmingham stabbings cause several injuries

Several people are reported injured following stabbings in Birmingham which has been termed as a major incident.

The first incident was reported at 00:30 BST and several others being reported afterwards on the same Sunday.

Police who arrived at the same are yet to reveal the number of people injured and the extent of the injuries.

They however confirmed that all the stabbings looked related ahead of a press conference on the same.

Reports coming out suggest that there could have been a fight between people from different groups at the location houses bars and clubs.

It is because of the incident that the security of the place has been questioned by residents and police at large.

Cara Curran an eye witness and a club promoter described the incident which happened as she left her shift.

In her own words she described the evening as a packed one ahead as she she enjoyed a couple of drinks with friends.

A huge commotion followed next as people fought left right and centre something out of the usually having experienced a number of bar fights.

The three hour incident comprised of the young and old as cars crashed as people rushed around as described by Cara Curran.


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