Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Boda Boda rider arrested after abducting foreign national

Detectives have arrested a boda boda rider who is accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a foreign national in Nairobi.

“A boda boda rider who abducted a foreign national this morning and raped her before abandoning her in a forest has been arrested by detectives.” Said DCI

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The suspect identified as Protas Onsongo is reported to have abducted the woman when she was leaving a popular joint in the city. The woman who was in the company of two friends was heading to CBD when the rider took her to Ololulua forest in Ngong where he assaulted her before leaving.

“Protas Onsongo, was seized by our agents this afternoon as he attempted to flee the city to evade arrest, following his beastly act. In an unfortunate incident reported at Ongata Rongai police station this morning, the youthful woman recounted amid tears how the boda boda rider forced himself on her before leaving her in the dense Ololulua forest in Ngong,Kajiado County.

Earlier at around 4:30am the woman in the company of 2 other friends left Club 1824, a popular joint along Langata road, after a night of merrymaking. At the parking, the three foreigners hailed three motorbikes to drop them at a hotel in the CBD, where they had reserved their rooms.

But just after they had joined Langata road headed towards the city centre, the victim’s motorbike that was last to leave the parking made a sudden detour and sped towards Bomas of Kenya direction. The victim realized that all was not well when she noticed a lot of vegetation that is characteristic of the Ongata Rongai route.” Said DCI

A multi-agency team comprising of NTSA officials intercepted the suspect as he attempted to flee the city. DNA samples have already been collected from the scene and will be used against him.

“In a well coordinated operation that also involved the National Transport and Safety Authority, (NTSA) the suspect was intercepted in Ngong at around 3pm, as he attempted to flee the city. Meanwhile, Scenes of Crime experts visited the scene of the incident and gathered crucial evidence related to the incident.

The experts will also extract DNA samples from the suspect for a foolproof case against him,once he’s arraigned. The victim was escorted to a medical facility in Rongai, where the necessary tests and medical procedures were conducted.” Said DCI

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