Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Boeing to cut the production of 737 Max

Boeing has announced its plans to reduce the production of Boeing 737 Max or stop its production following its events.

In the first quarter of the month, the troubled company saw a drop in revenue by 3.4 billion dollars caused by the grounding of 737 Max.

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Speaking on Wednesday during an investor meeting, Boeing boss Dennis Muilenburg said that is confident that the troubled series will be back on air come October this year.

He continued by saying that they will continue to watch the finances from 737Max before accessing their production plans.

At any time will the estimates show a worrying trend, CEO Dennis has promised to cut its production or worse to stop its production.

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In March this year, Boeing 737Max was grounded following the world’s deadliest airline accident on Ethiopian Airlines.

Being the second accident using the 737Max, safety calls were called upon as investigations began to determine the root cause.

A preliminary report from the Ethiopian Airline accident revealed that the pilots reported a nosedive with efforts to take the airline up being unsuccessful.

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Boeing has since been working on the Anti-stall flight control software, an update of the one installed in its previous productions.

As investigations continue, Boeing is optimistic about rising from the losses to make a better brand and get the profits to come in.

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