Boko Haram allegedly kills 50 mourners in northern Nigeria

At least 50 people are feared dead in the north eastern part of Nigeria following an attack by suspected Boko Haram militias.

The Saturday incident is said to have happened when unidentified people attacked mourners in a village spraying them with bullets.

The number is however feared to increase as many more people die due to the extent of their injuries following the attack.

Increased cases of Boko Haram have been reported as people flee the affected areas in fear of other attacks.

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Boko Haram who are known to be against Muslims taking part in politics, has been fighting to oust the Nigerian government and to convert it into an Islamic state.

Young girls have been abducted for some time now catching the media attention in 2014. The girls have also been converted to sex slaves.

Currently Boko Haram has been grouped the third most dangerous militia group and has also spread into neighboring countries such as Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

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