Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Border bans in place to curb the spread of coronavirus


Border restrictions are being put in place by many countries around the world as a means of curbing the spread of coronavirus from China.

Countries like the U.S and Australia are in the process of implementing border closure to visitors coming from China.

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Previously, countries like Italy, France Russia and Japan has already announced similar measures.

Health organizations have however warned against the restrictions saying they have an impact of spreading the virus further.

This is due to restricted movement of people thus risk contracting it from others already infected.

Currently the death toll has hit 259 people from an initial number 46 when it was first reported.

The Chinese government broke its silence over the bans citing non obedience of advise issued by health organizations.

Coronavirus cases have since been reported in countries outside China when passengers jet in.

Health officials have prompted to screening passengers in and out of the countries as a precaution.

Several airlines have also canceled their flights to and from China as they observe the impact the virus has.

They promised to having the best interest to their esteemed customers and crews in terms of safety.

Slavian Mwangecho
Passionate blogger on a day to day activities happening in Kenya, Africa and around the world. A keen follower of the latest news making headlines around the world

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