Boris Johnson’s entourage to Queen blocked by protesters

Incoming United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson was blocked by climate protesters as he went to meet the Queen.

Greenpeace demonstrators blocked Boris Johnson’s entourage holding hands calling the new Prime Minister to handle Climate Emergency as soon as possible.

A crucial letter is said to have been issued to the incoming Prime Minister containing answers on how to tackle climate change.

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The protesters held banners with the message Climate Emergency catching Borison’s entourage off-guard.

According to Greenpeace UK director John Sauven who was part of the protest has a 134-point letter to the incoming PM on how to combat climate change.

Mr. John explained as to how climate change should be treated with urgency as it is his duty as the Prime Minister.

He also called on the government for failing to deal with the issue passing policies that deepen efforts to tackle the matter.

Referring to the future, the Greenpeace director called on the PM to leave a better future for the next generation as the matter is currently in his hands.

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