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Brad Pitt struggling with co-parenting

A judge has warned Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to cool things off as the two celebrities are struggling with co-parenting.

Brad and Jolie are currently at war of divorce with Brad said to be spending most of his time in England so as to be close to his six children. At first the judge granted Brad visiting rights beginning mid-June for 10 hours a day. The rights have since been adjusted to four consecutive days a week.

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The two celebrities mostly use their nannies and assistants to communicate to each other.

The judge in charge of the divorce has already received complains of Brad being denied rights to interact with the children terming it as harmful. According to the judge, Brad has the right to call and text the children whenever he wants.

On Tuesday Angelina Jolie through her lawyer said that Brad Pitt has paid no meaningful child support for the children since filling the divorce in 2016.

In response to the claims, Brad Pitt’s lawyer brushed the claims saying they were meant to manipulate the media.

On Wednesday, Brad Pitt’s legal team responded to Jolie’s claims saying that Brad has already paid $1.3 million in cost and even loaned her $ 8 million to help her buy a house.

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