Brexit vote set for Monday as British PM seeks a deal

The UK government is expected to address the crucial Brexit vote as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks a deal to leave the EU.

A vote has been presented before the parliament that as the British government aim to beat the October 31st deadline.

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The House of Commons Speaker John Bercow is however expected to address the crucial debate before the Parliament tackles the Brexit delay.

Opposition leaders were angered by Boris Johnson who sent a letter to the EU expressing his thoughts on a further delay.

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EU council through its president Donald Tusk confirmed having received the letter and together with other members will consult on the best response.

AS the country remains in a limbo on the way forward, the options on board are that of deal, no deal or seek a further extension to January 31st.

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Those against the Brexit vote set for Monday will push for a further extension as they pile more pressure on the Prime Minister.

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