Bureau of African Affairs welcomes Uhuru’s appointment

Bureau of African Affairs has welcomes the appointment of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta as part of peace envoy in Northern Ethiopia and DRC Congo.

Taking on social media, the bureau noted how his appointment is critical and his work will be crucial.

“We welcome the appointment of Uhuru Kenyatta as peace envoy for the conflict in Northern Ethiopia and in Eastern DRC. A critical time for both conflicts – his work will be crucial.” Said the Bureau.

On 13th September, President William Ruto during his inauguration ceremony noted the tremendous work that the retired President has done during his 10-year reign on matters peace.

It was in that regard that the President confirmed his appointment to spearhead the envoy, a position that he had already agreed to undertake.

One of the core functions of the Bureau is to advise the US Secretary of State on issues affecting Sub-Sahara Africa, causes and solution to some of the issues including possible solution to combat HIV/Aids.

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