Thursday, December 12, 2019
Home World News Burkina Faso church attack: 14 reported dead

Burkina Faso church attack: 14 reported dead

A Burkina Faso church attack has left about 14 people dead after gunmen opened fire on the congregation.

It is not yet known what the motive was but the gunmen who committed the act are yet to be identified.

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The Sunday Burkina Faso church attack is reported that the attackers opened fire to the priest and children.

They are then said to have fled using motorbikes, something that is yet to be confirmed.

The country has faced similar attacks recently and Jihadists have been confirmed to be responsible.

Last month, a Mosque was attacked killing 15 people and leaving two with serious injuries.

The attacks has affected school going children as schools are forced to close out of fear.


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