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Caleb Kositany expelled by Jubilee Party as Deputy SG

Jubilee Party has on Monday evening expelled Soy MP Caleb Kositany as the party’s Deputy Secretary General as confirmed by the party itself.

In his place, the party has appointed Cherangany MP Hon. Joshua Kutuny who will serve as per the notice issued by Jubilee.

The news is among many others that have seen leaders including MP’s and Senators getting kicked off over indiscipline and support of Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Hon. Caleb Kositany expressed how he saw it coming as he has not been a ‘yes’ man who does exactly is told to him.

He continued by revealing how he had did resonate well with some top leaders in the party who were angered by his opinion questioning some of the decisions.

Caleb Kositany was corned to reveal why he did resign if he was indeed aware of the upcoming expulsion. In his response he revealed it was a way to expose the party over its lack of respect for the truth and democracy.

Kutuny on the other hand called for the outgoing Deputy Secretary General to explain why he never obeyed instructions the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju.

On whether he will appeal the decision, Kositany made it clear that he will not pursue the matter as he has found a home at UDA.


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