California fire,42 people dead and 228 displaced

California fire is raging on displacing at least 228 people, destroying around 7,200 structures with an estimated number of 15,500 other structures being at risk of being destroyed.

Reports indicate that 42 people are reported dead in the inferno that is considered the largest than the Griffith Park disaster where 31 people died.

Several beach resorts have been destroyed including Malibu and over 300,000 people forced to leave their houses in the state Forcing President Trump declaring it a major disaster and calling for aid to be distributed in California.

How residents died.

The fire which is said to have started on Thursday spread so fast running over people trapped inside their vehicles.

Some were alerted about the fire through friend as they were asleep forcing them to run to safety with their family.

Some of the survivors narrate the ordeal just like that of a movie as it moved so fast sparing no one in its way.

What really caused the fire?

Authorities are yet to establish what exactly sparked the fire with many guessing electrical faults could have been the cause.

The low temperatures witnessed I the states are also a contributing factor that could have laid a perfect ground for it to spread.

Several forensic experts have been deployed in the affected areas but they warn that the search for burn bodies could take weeks to identify.

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