Canada struggling to meet marijuana demand

A month after Canada had legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational use, the commodity has turned to be scarce in the country.

Several business people In Canada used some of their savings to set up retail joints with expectations they will reap huge from the recent ruling.

With over $100,000 investment made, business men and women have turned to see empty shelves and turning away customers as they cannot meet their demand.

They have recently gone to the extent of temporarily shutting down. Canada was the first G20 country to legalize the use of Marijuana for recreational use sending its citizens into a celebration but both physical and online stores are struggling to meet the unexpected demand.

Analyst in Canada had conducted a research a had foreseen a shortage of the commodity but according to then the shortages are happening faster than they had imagined.

Government entities burdened with the task of overseeing the sales have been forced to open two or three times in order to better ration the limited supply.

Residents of Ontorio where there are no physical stores are expected to purchase through a government run website.

In the first 24 hours of legalization, Ontorie online store processed 100,000 customers but very few orders have been serviced as at now.

Customers in Ontorio have been forced to wait for two to three weeks for their orders to be processed but to some their orders have been canceled for processing.

One university student is said to have found that his order had been canceled after a charge in his credit card has been reversed.

A family who run a private store are crossing their fingers that they get stock as they have staff to pay and it’s becoming difficult for them to pay employees without any product.

Fear has now crippled into the government as customers have been pushed in getting the product the legal way.

At the moment customers remain frustrated at how they cannot get the product.

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