Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Caroline Mutoko on the spot over matatu comment

Renowned media personality Caroline Mutoko has found found herself in the wrong side of Kenyans after she posed to ask if matatu ply the Nairobi Expressway.

“Wait. we now have Matatus on the expressway? Courting trouble.” Said Caroline Mutoko

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Her comment was quickly questioned by hundreds of Kenyans who took to her Twitter account reminding her how most of them use matatus unlike those privileged who use personal cars.

“It’s clear you don’t know 60% of people who live in Nairobi walk to work, 35% use public transport (matatus), and only 5% of them use cars and that the biggest share of cars on the roads are government owned. So according to you only the 5% should use the Nairobi Expressway?” Said politician Alinur Mohamed

“Caroline Mutoko, a city dweller, highly exposed, is surprised that the Expressway was designed to ease traffic jams which cost > 50 b shs in lost revenues. Caroline Mutoko is also unaware that over 60% of Nairobians use matatus. Mutoko lives in a different world though in NBO” Said Hag Ten

“The first accident on the expressway was caused by a drunk driver and you were quiet, 2nd one caused by a matatu which lost control and here you are calling for them to be banned from using the road. You’d rather share the road with drunk drivers than with the common Kenyan.” Said Private figure

Caroline Mutoko’s comments follows Monday’s accident at the Mlolongo toll station at the Nairobi Expressway involving an Embasava matatu that caused at least 20 injuries. The speeding matatu hit a personal vehicle from behind in addition to causing damages at the booths.

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