Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Chiloba deactivates 124K sim cards to curb illegal registration

Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) Director General Ezra Chiloba has switched a total of 124,000 sim cards in the country in order to curb illegal registration.

A quarterly report by the authority ending March revealed that the number of active sim cards in the country dropped by 124,900 to stand at 64.9 million which was a drop from of 65.1 million compared to the previous quarter.

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“The decline in SIM subscriptions is partly attributed to the ongoing SIM registration exercise during which a number of SIM cards have been deactivated,’’ revealed the report

According to CA, the decision is a deliberate move to curb criminal activities undertaken using unregistered sim cards which were reported by subscribers and other flagged by operators.

Mobile operators have been requested to ensured that there database is updated at all time inline with SIM Card Registration Regulations 2015.

“The exercise was meant to ensure 100 per cent compliance with the SIM Card Registration Regulations, which, among other things, require operators to retain a copy of identification documents of every subscriber. The deadline for subscribers to update their registration details is 15th October 2022.” Said CA

The exercise which was the talk of the country saw many sim cards temporarily switched off with a message requesting them to register them either by visiting their service providers or agents.

Many Kenyans questioned the purpose of producing an original ID when in the first place one must provide one in order to active mobile money services.

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