China control the spread of SARS virus from Wuhan city

China has stepped out the fight against the coronavirus originating from Wuhan city as fears grow of it spreading further.

This follows an upcoming event next week where millions of Chinese will join their families.

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Speaking on Sunday, the National Health Commission has set out various departments to control its spread.

A total of 62 cases have already been confirmed as at Sunday with lall of them coming from Wuhan city.

The city which has total of 11 million people has already reported two deaths arising from the virus.

Neighboring Thailand and Japan has reported two and one infections respectively believed to have been brought by visitors coming into teh countries.

This is not the first time the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome has been reported as in 2002 800 people died from the virus.

The difference between the other virus and this one is that the expert say it is not severe and dangerous.

They also ruled out possibilities that it may have originated from sea foods as China stepped up border screening.

Other countries including the U.S has also installed screening devices in New York to monitor visitors.

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