Wednesday, August 10, 2022

China demotes top officials as coronavirus deaths hit 1,000

China has fired and demoted top health officials as coronavirus deaths hit 1,000 in the densely populated country.

Hubei province, the center of the deadly outbreak has seen senior officials stepping down for failing to put enough measures to curb it.

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Also affected was a top Red Cross official who was demoted over failure to handle donations coming through.

Appointed to spearhead the operation was deputy health official Wang Hesheng who currently sits at the National Health Commission.

On Monday alone, 103 deaths were reported in Hubei increasing the number from 811 to 1,016.

Number of new infections have however gone down by 20% from 3,062 to 2,478 as Hubei alone recorded 2,097 new cases of infection.

Action China will take on officials

Even though the officials have been replaced, the government of China will not fire them as though.

Instead they will be taken through commissions who will determine the mode of punishment to apply.

In Wuhan, a government officials was accused of failing to supply masks to help residents who needed them urgently.

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