Monday, August 8, 2022

China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft crashes in China

A China Eastern Airline aircraft with 133 people has on Monday crashed in the Southern Mountain of China as it was heading to Guangzhou from the city of Kunming.

At the time of the incident it was not clear how many people have died from the Boeing 737 crash. Search and rescue teams were however rushing to the scene.

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According to media sources, the aircraft was 6-years-old with the cause of the incident remaining unknown.

The China Eastern Airlines is reported to have departed Kunming at 1:11pm local time but went missing from the radar at 2:22 pm as confirmed by FlightRadar24 who further confirmed that it was travelling at a speed of 376 knots.

China airline industry is reported to have the best record in the world in terms of airlines crashes in the last 10 years.

The last accident involving a China airline was back in 2010 when Embraer E-190 airline crashed killing 44 out of 96 people who were on board.

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