China: four dead as hotel used as quarantine facility collapses

Four people are feared dead in China when a hotel used as a quarantine facility collapsed in the city of Quanzhou.

29 others are still missing as rescue teams worked around the clock to dig through the rubble of the five-storey building.

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It is however not know what caused the building in China to collapse but 38 out of 71 people have already been rescued.

The building is reported to been conducting repairs at the first floor when the accident occurred

Those inside the hotel were being quarantined after they interacted with those with the coronavirus infection.

“The Ministry of Emergency Management has sent a team to the site of Xinjia hotel, which collapsed in E China’s Quanzhou on Sat evening, to assist local rescue work. The hotel is a medical observation site for close contacts with COVID19 patients.” Said Global Times.

47 cases of infections have been reported in Quanzhou as the government summoned the owner of the hotel.

Relatives of the patients inside the hotel were worried as they could not contact their family members who were inside.

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