China locks down two of its cities as virus infection rise

China has placed two of its cities under lockdown following the spread of the coronavirus as the number now stands at 600 infections and 17 deaths.

Fears of many other cases are high as many Chinese are traveling back to their homes to celebrate the Lunar New year festivals this coming Saturday.

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Investigations into the origin of the disease have pointed out to the trade of animals in the city of Wuhan.

Measures undertaken by the government have included the shutdown of transport in Wuhan and Huanggang with each having a population of 11 million and 6 million respectively.

As the country tries to fight the spread of the virus, many other cases are being reported in adjacent cities of Shangai, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Flights are also expected to be shut down as the government targets major means of transport in the two cities.

Police officers are reported to be doing patrols to stop people from leaving their homes as transport zones remained deserted.

In Huanggang alone, entertainment joints were ordered to shut down to control the movement of people.

Infection rates have risen in neighboring Thailand to four from two with other countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea reporting one case each.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is on the lookout of the reports coming from China before deciding if it will declare the virus a national disaster.

By doing so, other international countries can come in and find solutions to curbing the spread and providing treatment as well.

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