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China mine: 11 gold miners rescued two weeks later

11 gold miners have been rescued in China in the ingoing operations after the were trapped two weeks ago hundreds of meters below the surface.

Images from the exercise revealed how one of the miners was safely brought to safe with his eyes covered to protect them from sunlight.

Another nine miners are still trapped in the mine as search and rescue exercise speed up to safely bring them to the surface.

The incident is reported to have occurred on 10th January in Shandong province following a blast that saw the gold mine collapse from inside.

At the time of the incident, a total of 22 miners were trapped with one reported dead after the incident. The well being of the others trapped is still unkown.

The cause of explosion is yet to be revealed as the first survivor could been seen blindfolded as he was taken to the hospital for treatment on Sunday. His condition is reported to be weak following the number of days trapped inside.

About an hour later, 10 other miners could been seen being evacuated from the mine with reports indicating that one of them had sustained an injury.

Some of those rescued could be seen walking by themselves under the support of the rescuers meaning that their health was better off than others.

The incident has been successful after the opening of the shaft managed to open up leading to better communication with those trapped inside.

The remaining trapped miners are reported to be in a different section which the rescuers are trying to establish communication before pulling them out.

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