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Chinese man caught on video abusing Kenyans has been arrested

A Chinese man who was caught on video uttering abusive words has been arrested.

In an update from the Immigration Department, Liu Jiaqi will have his permit cancelled and deported back to China on grounds of racism. “Chinese National by the Name Liu Jiaqi who was captured on video yesterday using abusive words has been arrested. His work permit has been canceled and will be deported on racism grounds.” Said the Immigration Department on twitter.

In the video, the Chinese national is heard abusing Kenyans and saying that he does not want to be in the country but he is only here to make money.

Mr. Liu was also heard insulting the president something that angered a lot of Kenyans online.

Some of the comments from angry Kenyans suggested that he should first be jailed before being deported back to his country. “Why deport him too fast?? When Chinese government arrests black people in China, they are jailed for 21 days before deportation. This idiot should be lashed and flogged with slaps” said one Kenyan on twitter.

The video of Mr. Liu was first shared by blogger Robert Alai who has since been giving updates on the matter.

Mr. Alai’s recent tweet claiming that Mr. Liu has already boarded a plane has quickly been denied by the Immigration Department claiming that it should be ignored as he is still being processed.

“Kindly ignore Robert Alai’s tweets in regards to the Chinese National who was captured in the video being abusive. Liu Jiaqi is being processed for deportation, and not deported as reported by Alai. That’s a lie” said the Immigration Department on twitter.

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