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Chitembwe claims Ksh 770k found by DCI was son’s fees

High Court Judge Juma Chitembwe has defended Ksh 770k found in his office by DCI detectives claiming that it was meant to settle his son’s tuition fees.

The news follows an affidavit filed by investigative officers who claimed that Judge Chitembwe and Agrey Muchelule were approached by some brokers in exchange for a favorable judgment.

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In response to the affidavit, Chitembwe confirmed that he has a dollar account which he manages with his wife and that he keeps some for himself now and then.

He continued by saying that on the day of the arrest, he himself gave the detectives the cash after seeing them searching his fellow High Court Judge in the office. According to Chitembwe, he had withdrawn the cash so as to find alternative ways to send it to his son in Australia.

Felix Banzi, the Chief Inspector in charge of the operation confirmed to have found Judge Muchelule with 50,000 dollars at the time of the arrest. The two were arrested and released shortly after recording statements.

According to their lawyer Danstan Omari, the police have no right to arrest them again until when the case is heard and determined by the court.

Chief Justice Martha Koome issued a statement after their release confirming to have received a statement from the two judges and that any other information from other sources will be treated as untrue.

“On the July 22, 2021, following allegations of corruption and abuse of office, the DCI acting on intelligence and as guided under Article 244(b) of the Constitution engaged Justice Said Juma Chitembwe, Justice Aggrey Muchelule among other accomplices to assist with investigations.

The said Judges cooperated with the investigating team, recorded their statements and left to continue with their duties. The investigations are ongoing.

As soon as they are finalized, appropriate action will be taken in consultation with all the relevant agencies and authorities as provided by the law.” Said CJ Koome.

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