Monday, August 15, 2022

Citizen TV editor reveals threats from MP Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is on the spot for allegedly threatening Citizen TV editor Muraya Kariuki as revealed by the editor himself.

Taking on social media, Muraya confirmed to have received a phone call from someone who introduced himself as Babu Owino who went ahead and threatened him.

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According to Muraya, the call was in regard to what he does in the media industry as he called on the MP to respect his work.

“I just received a very nasty phone call from a person who introduced themselves as Hon Babu Owino. This has to do with the work I do. It is not good manners to try scare lowly journalists. Tunaomba tufanye kazi kwa amani.” Said Muraya.

Muraya went forward to share screenshots of the messages he received from the legislator who in one message he termed his position a small one and that he will take responsibility for the information about former PM Raila Odinga.

“You can enjoy your small cheo (post). You’ll take responsibility for the negative news you chose to air against Baba. We have proven beyond per adventure that you are on DP’s payroll.” Babu said.

The MP went ahead to compare the editor’s brain to that of a bird and that he is rotten to the core.

Babu went ahead to confirm that he indeed called him as he called him out for airing negative news about the former Prime Minister thanks to his position in the company.

“Yes I called you na utawacha ujinga yako.It’s both professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct using your position to influence and air negative news against Baba,” Said Babu

Muraya replied advising the MP to file a formal complaint with any regulatory body instead of threatening him.

“File a formal complaint please, with my bosses or any regulatory body that you feel would address your concerns. It is better than this nonsense of threats.” Said Muraya

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