Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CJ Maraga appoints a three-judge to hear MP’s house allowance

Chief Justice (CJ) David Maraga has appointed a three-judge bench to hear a case challenging Members of Parliament (MP) Ksh 250,000 house allowance.

In a case filed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), Judges Pauline Nyamweya, Weldon Korir and John Mativo will hear the case.

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416 legislators including Senators and National Assembly Members had awarded themselves Ksh 250,000 monthly in house allowances.

SRC opposed the move citing a public fund loss of Ksh 100 million monthly and Ksh 1.2 billion in a year.

In support of SRC, the High Court granted order blocking the payment of the said house allowances to the Members of Parliament.

A panel of judges was later recommended to hear the grievances terming it as a weighty matter.

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It was later revealed that parliamentary duties were affected due to the house allowance thus the need for a quick hearing.

The Judges hearing the case however made it clear that the legislators will have to wait for the hearing and verdict to be made.

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