Monday, May 16, 2022

Connecticut suspect agrees to turn self in if he gets 15k Facebook likes

Police in Connecticut are pleading with the public to assist capture a suspect who said he would turn himself in if he gets 15,000 Facebook likes.

The suspect Jose Simms, 29, made an unusual online deal with the police as a condition to turn himself in.

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Police in Connecticut said that the suspect reached out to the town’s lieutenant on Facebook earlier this week saying that he will turn himself in if his page receives at least 15,000 likes.

Jose Simms is wanted following four warrants of first-degree failure to appear in court and second degree for failure to appear in court.

In his first request, Simms asked for 20,000 likes but the police were able to negotiate with him bringing it down to 15,000.

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Social media users accepted the challenge and gave the suspect 17.000 likes in less than 13 hours but the suspect is still on the run.

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