Conor McGregor freed after arrest for smashing fan’s phone

Conor McGregor is a free man after posting a bail shortly after he was arrested for smashing and stealing a fan’s phone on Monday.

Conor through his attorneys said that his client was involved in a minor altercation over a cell phone that resulted in a call for law enforcement.

“Last evening Conor McGregor was involved in a minor altercation over a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement. Mr. McGregor appreciates the response of law enforcement and pledges his full cooperation.” Said Conor McGregor’s attorney.

Mr. McGregor was arrested on Monday for crashing a fan’s phone in Miami.

The incident is said to have happened when Conor was walking out of the hotel at the same time as the fan. The fan attempted to take a photo when Conor slapped the phone out of the fan’s arm, stomped on the phone several times before walking away with it.

The whole incident was recorded in a surveillance video. He was booked for robbery and criminal mischief and was held at a $12,500 bail.

McGregor was in Miami with girlfriend Dee Devlin and their son Conor jr for his mother’s birthday.

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Conor had recently completed his anger management and community service and if by any chance had he violated condition of his last probation, Conor would be serving time behind bars or face deportation.

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